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Qmarketz is the trusted source of used car market prices, honest user reviews and info about car specifications so you can buy or sell cars smarter and easier - guaranteed. Do your research with Qmarketz before buying your next car, whether brand new or used!

Ever tried buying a used car in the Philippines? Segunda mano or second hand are the terms we normally use. However you call it, it's a difficult process.

We tried buying a car, and it was frustrating. We hate to generalize, but here's how a typical car lot conversation goes:

One in maybe 20 katiwalas will say hello and offer to show us his wares. The others will be more concerned with watching movies on their phones.

Qmarketz: May problema po ba yung kotse? (Are there problems with the car?)

Used car salesman (UCS): Wala po. Makinis po yan. (Nope, no problems with the car. It's very smooth and shiny).

Qmarketz: Ano yung makina nyan? (What's the engine on it?)

UCS: Hindi ko po sigurado e. Gasolina... (I'm not sure... gasoline...)

Qmarketz: Kumpleto po ba yung papeles? (Are the papers complete?)

UCS: Sandali lang po ha, tawagin ko lang po si bossing... (Wait, let me call my boss...)

Qmarketz: Pwede bang i-test drive? (Can we test-drive it?)

UCS: pwede naman po, kaso walang baterya e. (Sure, except the battery is discharged). Pwede lang po i-start.

Qmarketz: Magkano ba yan? (How much is it?)

UCS: PhP XXXXXX, pero negotiable naman po. Kausapin nyo na lang yung may-ari. (It's X, but negotiable. Please just talk to the owner).

It's normally around this time that we give up and try another used car lot.

There's got to be a better way. The used car market seems to be broken, mainly because there's very little information out there about used cars. Qmarketz will provide three crucial pieces of information: 1. Market prices, 2. Honest user reviews and 3. Car specifications.

Used car market prices

What's the market price (pick your terminology: going rate, average price, market value, normal price, bentahan) of that Vios or Innova nowadays? If you spent a few hours or even days, went to multiple different online sites, checked paper classified ads, looked at Facebook and multiple car forums, you'd probably triangulate to a reasonable price to buy or sell that car. Qmarketz does all of that hard work for you, so all you need to do is search Qmarketz.com and you'll know around how much these are being sold for.

Importantly though, use this information as a guide rather than a hard number you must get. If the car you're buying seems to be in really good quality, it may be worth it to pay a bit more. Conversely, if it seems run down, don't be afraid to bargain for less than the market price we provide.

Honest user reviews

We believe that the people who are most qualified to tell you what's good and bad with a car are the people who drive them daily. We prefer honest user reviews over "expert" reviews, because it's in the daily drives that you truly test the mettle of the car. Does this or that thing break every few months? Is the AC really capable of Philippine summers? These are things you can't know from test driving a car for a few hours.

We continuously get users to tell us about their experiences with their cars, so you can make informed decisions.

On this note, please help the Qmarketz.com community by reviewing the cars you use.

Car Specifications

Does a 2013 Toyota Vios J have Antilock Braking System? The answer is no - and that's a pretty crucial piece of information - but we think it'll take you 10-15 mins researching that. And that's you because you're smart and you probably cared about ABS and a reasonable price for the used car. Will the car you're thinking of buying have leather seats? Qmarketz could probably tell you. We make car specification information available to you, so you can make your buying decision with more information.

Qmarketz unlocks the used car market

With the information you can find in Qmarketz, we hope that you'll be more open to buying and selling used cars. Doing so would make the market more active, which benefits all parties concerned. There are clear benefits of buying used:

1. Cheaper - Used cars are generally cheaper than brand new cars, and with proper maintenance, will still last you years, even decades.
2. More choices - suddenly, your shopping choices expand because 3 or 5 year old luxury cars are within your budget, or that car that you always wanted as a teenager is still probably available, and at a better price too.
3. Environmentally Friendly - Buying used is also more environmentally friendly since it takes a lot of resources to make a new car. If we can extend the life spans of cars by a few more years, we think we'd make a big dent in our environmental footprint.
We truly hope that you find the information we provide at Qmarketz.com useful to you. Please do sign-up to receive our newsletter and share this site with your friends! Happy car buying or selling!